KUSA — Halloween is just around the corner. And with that, Emergency Departments start to see a rise in Halloween-related injuries.

Over-zealous pumpkin carving, whether it is kids or adults, is one of the most common things we see in the Emergency Department. People cutting themselves trying to carve the perfect pumpkin or falling while trying to put up decorations on the house are common reasons to visit the ER over the Halloween holiday.

Stick with the pumpkin carving kits or the stencils and save yourself a trip the ED. Avoid candles in the pumpkins too, as they can be a fire hazard.

Safety tips for parents and their kids while trick-or-treating

  • Stay on the sidewalk.
  • Cross the street at traffic signals. Every year, we also have children who are running across the street and get hit by a car. It's very important to keep your child close and stay on one side of the street to trick-or-treat.
  • Use a flashlight. It is starting to get darker earlier, so it is important to be visible.
  • Remind your kids not to get into a car with someone they do not know.
  • Don’t eat candy if the wrapper is open.

Costume Tips

Try to avoid masks if possible. They can limit your child’s sight and can also make it hard to breathe. Don’t forget to think about the weather. If it is raining or cold, you may have to make a game-time decision and keep your kid warm rather than go with the cuter costume. Consider a costume or add-ons which glow-in-the-dark. It is darker, earlier each night. Visibility is key especially during Halloween trick-or-treating. You also want to make sure you wipe off your child’s makeup at night before going to bed.

Keep it safe and fun this year. And keep your kiddos out of the ER on Halloween night!

Tips from the American College of Emergency Physicians (www.acep.org), the member-association for 31,000+ ER providers.

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