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Unpacking Perfect: Khara Croswaite

Khara sat down to share her story of mental wellness on how she pushed aside the ideals of perfection, gave up the chase and learned a better way of living.

COLORADO, USA — Khara Croswaite is a Colorado resident, therapist, author and a strong advocate for mental wellness. After experiencing extreme workaholism and eventual burnout herself, she realized she wanted to see a cultural shift in the way we perceive our jobs and our lives and get at the root of the chase for perfectionism.

Credit: Khara Croswaite

“There’s two types of perfectionism”, Khara says, “one of which is that paralyzing perfectionism – the notion that I can’t do anything right so I’m not going to do anything at all, and the one where you’re constantly chasing perfect and overdoing it.” Khara came to the realization that she was in the same place that most of her clients were in – denial. Chasing something thinking it will make you feel happy or fulfilled, which isn’t always the case, can send people into a mental health spiral. For Khara, that looked a lot like working every weekend, answering any email or call and coming home to spend an hour at most with her husband and family. It took her a year to recover from that cycle, and after hearing a peer speak about falling ill to a heart condition from working too hard and chasing perfectionism – she knew something needed to change.

Khara Croswaite sat down with 9NEWS and Unpacking Perfect to share her story of mental wellness on how she pushed aside the ideals of perfection, gave up the chase and learned a better way of living.

Unpacking Perfect is a sponsored series about the human chase for perfection being produced by 9NEWS in partnership with Aurora Health Medical Center. The series is about self-worth, and both the comforts and perils of comparison. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. This series looks at people coming to terms with the idea of perfection, the realities of imperfection, and learning to find strength from it all.

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Burnout, workaholism and perfectionism all exist together, and those are a part of Khara’s past, she reflects. “There are still times I have to fight the warning signs of going back into that. I just hope that people will stop chasing perfection, by the time you realize how much it hurts. I hope that people won’t go through what I went through, which is that relationship and medical crisis combo, to really wake up and say that something has to be different.”

Khara now works as much as she needs to work and never more than that. “When you’re on your deathbed do you think you’re going to say, man I wish I had worked more. No one is going to say that. They’re going to say, I wish I spent more time with my family. I want to embody that now so that I have no regrets while raising my daughter.”

Credit: Khara Croswaite


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