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Unpacking Perfect: Stacie Burleson

Stacie recently sat down with 9NEWS and Unpacking Perfect to share her story of mental wellness, and how she has pushed aside the ideals of perfection.

COLORADO, USA — Stacie Burleson, a native Coloradan, grew up attending church, spending time with family and riding horses on her grandparents farm in Sedalia. However, Stacie felt as though she didn’t fit in and turned to alcohol to help her cope.

Stacie recently sat down with 9NEWS and Unpacking Perfect to share her story of mental wellness and why therapy helped her through some of the hardest times.

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Unpacking Perfect is a sponsored series about the human chase for perfection being produced by 9NEWS in partnership with Aurora Mental Health Center. The series is about self-worth, and both the comforts and perils of comparison. 

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. This series looks at people coming to terms with the idea of perfection, the realities of imperfection, and learning to find strength from it all.

Today, Stacie is a devoted caretaker and continues to seek treatment from Aurora Mental Health Center.


Aurora Mental Health Center offers services to address a wide range of mental health conditions. Individuals and families rely on us to help them cope with a variety of challenges. Our staff of physicians, nurses, psychologists, therapists, and peers works with all age groups, from children to seniors.

The staff starts by getting to know you so they can accurately assess your needs. From there they connect you with counseling, classes, and other services that can help you achieve optimal mental health. When you’re looking for assistance in managing a mental illness, reaching out is typically the hardest step. 

Get started today by calling 303-617-2300 or visit AUMHC.org.

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