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Mother, daughter share their weight loss journey

Apryl and Sabrina have each lost 100 pounds since getting bariatric surgery about two years ago.

DENVER — They will tell you it is a challenge every day - mentally more than physically. 

A mom and daughter took a journey together to lose weight and find new healthy lives.

Apryl Hallberg and her daughter Sabrina have each lost more than 100 pounds since undergoing bariatric surgery nearly two years ago. Their procedures were just days apart. 

Throughout this experience, they said they have relied heavily on the psychological support offered through Denver Health and on one another.

Apryl Hallberg is a recovering alcoholic and said she knows these two changes will improve her health dramatically.

Sabrina Hallberg is a newlywed and is looking forward to becoming a mom herself one day. 

Both speak about the difficult decision to choose bariatric surgery and the lifelong impact. They hope others will hear their story and do their research.

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