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New addiction recovery facility opens in Loveland

Northpoint Recovery Colorado in Loveland is hoping to create new beginnings for those struggling with addiction.

LOVELAND, Colo. — Access to addiction and mental health services changes depending on where you are in the state. A new addiction treatment center is hoping to help meet the need in northern Colorado.

Northpoint Recovery Colorado in Loveland opened to adults on Tuesday with the hope of creating new beginnings for those struggling with addiction.

Tucker Brickiey knows the path to recovery is a rocky road, now sober since March 25, 2017.

Just like those who will walk into Northpoint Recovery seeking help, Tucker has a past that involves addiction.

“I guess my self-worth was really low and I never felt that I fit in," said Brickey.

He filled that void with drugs and alcohol.

“I would do well and then my demons would take over,” said Brickey. “I would do the geographical change, and as you well know, the demons will follow you.”

That took him in and out of different recovery programs and facilities, then he got into the Northpoint program in Boise, Idaho. 

“We have continuum of care. What that means is someone starts out, if needed, in a medical detox,” said Bill Snyder, vice president of Northpoint Recovery Colorado.

Snyder says detox can take 2 to 4 days, then the patient can start the 28 day residential rehab program, followed by outpatient recovery. Snyder said they plan to offer a multitude of group programs at the facility.

“For individuals that might not be from northern Colorado, we work to engage them in virtual IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) or hope to establish them in PHP (Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization) and IOP in their region,” said Snyder.

The addiction treatment center offers 64 private room, with 64 beds that will start to help with the massive need for recovery facilities in northern Colorado.

The Colorado Office of Behavioral Health look at its licensed facilities and found 11 that offer detox facilities in Denver, and only 4 do in northern Colorado. For residential facilities, the Denver metro area has 124, while northern Colorado has 42.

Credit: KUSA

“We won’t get there overnight." Snyder said. "We will have to grow”.

Growth is something Tucker Brickey has seen in himself. Once a patient, he's now the Alumni Admissions Coordinator for the Loveland facility. 

Brickley said he's happy that he gets to work with people who helped save his life.

“With the 20 years of pain and heartache if I had to experience, all of that in order to save lives and restore relationships, I’m good with that,” said Brickey.

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