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People can now get medical training in an RV

A medical emergency can happen anywhere.
A medical emergency can happen anywhere. (Photo: 9NEWS)

Denver's Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children wants to make sure whoever is closest to a patient in a medical emergency is ready to help.

They've come up with a new training tool for both first responders and members of the public. It's a custom-made RV, the first of its kind, and 9NEWS got a look inside.

When you first step into the RV, you're given an emergency scenario. In the case we sat through, first responders were called to the scene of a playground. There, a child suddenly dropped.

“Hi, buddy can you hear me?” asked a first responder demonstrating the training.

It's meant for nurses, physicians, school nurses or anyone in the community who is around when something happens. They all now have a hand in helping the child survive. The reactions from the manikin are controlled by a nurse who's been in that same situation before.

They have four manikins of different ages and sizes because the process to save each one of them is completely different. It's all practiced in the RB: anything from CPR to caring for premature babies.

"It assimilates all types of clinical situations from a patient being found on the field by an EMS service," said Dr. Reginald Washington, one of the minds behind the project.

He said the care starts with the people around the patient "because once we receive the patient, they do much better if the care has started before they reach our hospital.”

The RV has two simulation rooms, where participants can practice being in an ambulance bay, ER, hospital or NICU.

Dr. Washington said this training will be especially helpful for rural areas all over Colorado.

"They may encounter one of these sick patients once every one or two years," he said. "We want them to be fully qualified to do that."

Every minute between the time a child is picked up to the time they are dropped off in the hospital, matters. The plan is to take that RV across Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. Schools, churches, community groups can all sign up to take the training.

Their website includes information on the RMHC Mobile Training center for clinicians and parents. For a listing of classes, click here.

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