Eating disorders are a serious mental illness that rob people of living a full and healthy life. And while eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any illness, it’s important for people to understand that – with proper treatment, guidance and support – recovery is possible and worth it.

On May 3, 2016, Eating Recovery Center will kick off the first-ever Eating Recovery Day, an event dedicated to building greater awareness of the pervasive nature of eating disorders and inspiring hope and recovery among those battling the condition, as well as their friends, family and loved ones.

The event will give ERC an opportunity to start a conversation about eating disorders and lessen the stigma associated with the disorder, which unfortunately is an all-too-common reason why people delay seeking the treatment and help they need. There is also a call-to-action message, with ERC encouraging everyone to join the conversation by sharing stories and showing support on their social media channels using the hashtag, #EatingRecoveryDay.

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