KUSA - February is Heart Month, and every week, 9NEWS is talking about an different aspect of your heart health.

About 80 million U.S. adults have been diagnosed with high-blood pressure. From 2003 to 2013, the high-blood pressure death rate increased 8.2 percent. High-blood pressure is the No. 1 cause of stroke and is a leading cause of heart disease. The prevalence of high-blood pressure in African Americans is among the highest in the world. It also develops earlier in life in African Americans and is usually more severe.

High-blood pressure usually has no symptoms, which is why it's called the "silent killer." The only way to know if your blood pressure is high is to have your doctor check it regularly.

On Tuesday, Lori Pace with the American Heart Association and cardiologist Dr. Jerrell Herod talked about blood pressure.

Pace has lost family members to heart disease and stroke -- mostly due to their unhealthy lifestyles. Both she and her husband have high-blood pressure. Both their daughters will have to battle it as well since it's part of their family history.

As a result, Pace and her husband work tirelessly at home to make sure their family is doing everything they can -- like removing salt from their diet, exercising regularly and monitoring their numbers.

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