Staying fit after 60 is so important, not just for your heart -- also for your brain.

We recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least five days a week, plus two days of strength training. Feel free to fit in exercise whenever you can.

Pair these exercises with some low impact exercises like walking, stationary biking and swimming/pool workouts. Here are some exercises you can do while you are watching tv to help you stay fit.

Exercises from Beth Corn from Someren Glen.

  • Sit and stand repeatedly
  • Use bags of rice or cans to do bicep curls
  • March in place-get those legs up!
  • Balance on one foot and then the other
  • Stretch
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Go up and down the stairs
  • Do push-ups against the wall
  • Raise up on your toes repeatedly

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