Landmine-based exercise variations are popular and offer a great way to train with minimal equipment as well as minimal down time for weight changes.

Here are a few exercises you can incorporate into your training regimen.

Landmine Squats – Starting with base of your palms together, wrap your hands around the end of the bar. The end of the bad should be in front of the sternum similar to the goblet position with a dumbbell. With your feet wide and a slight forward lean, keep your abs brace and lower yourself down into the squat. Keeping a neutral spine positon throughout the lift, press through the feet to extend back up the start position.

Standing Landmine Press – Get set in a staggered stance (if you’re starting with the right arm to press, the right leg should be the back leg and vice-versa). Keep slight knee bend while keeping your abs braced and the back-side glute tight. Press the end of the bar away slow and controlled. Lower the bar back down by with shoulder but do not rest the bar on your shoulder.

Bent-over Landmine Row – In a similar staggered stance you are going to be pulling the bar (with weight) from the floor. If you’re going to pull from the right side, make the right leg the back leg. While resting your left elbow on your left tight, grab the bar with an overhand grip with your right hand. Keep your abs braced and make sure your back is as parallel to the floor as possible with a neutral spine. Begin pulling the bar with the upper arm at about a 45-degree angle from the body.

Complete 4 sets with 5 reps for strength, 8-12 reps for hypertrophy, and 15+ reps for muscular endurance.

Rest between 45-60 seconds between sets.