Finding a good workout to get in shape for racquetball can be frustrating.

Tennis and racquetball, while still racquet sports are fundamentally different in their movement requirements.

Here are three different exercises you can do that are specifically designed for your sport:

Four corner drill:

Being able to react and recover is a crucial skill and mindset that is necessary for the small range sport.of racquetball. Find a space and drill all four corners, touching and quickly returning back to center.

Pull and push:

Shoulder health is very important to maintain.without a strong shoulder your elbow is at risk. Using a band or cable set at shoulder height, either push or pull with one hand at a time, masking site to keep good posture and a split leg stance as you pull or push.

Racquetball exercises you need to know.
Racquetball exercises you need to know.

Medicine ball round the world:

The power and accuracy for racquetball should come from the powerhouse of the hips and move through the core and arms. This exercise helps teach the small range explosion required for a powerful stroke.

You can use a dumbbell or medicine ball for this drill. Stand in a split stance with one for forward. Loading into your front leg, keeping your arms straight, place the weight in front of the knee.

Keeping the load in the front foot, quickly take the weight in a large circle clockwise, stopping sharply then returning back the other way. You should feel this in the core and front hip.

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