Fit balls: The number one gifted fitness product each holiday season.

So what am I supposed to do with it?

While these gifts are an incredibly versatile tool in your fitness program, they too often become the nuisance in the corner come February.

Here’s a five-exercise circuit that not only puts that gifted ball to use, but brings a solid burn to your whole body:

Plank: assume a push-up position with forearms on the ball, be sure to stack shoulders over elbows. (Added difficulty: stretch arms away from body and crunch back in creating a sawing motion.)

Ball Transfers: Laying on your back, pinch ball between feet and in a single motion fold your body up into a “V” transferring ball from feet to hands. Be sure to keep shoulder blades and feet OFF the floor the entire time.

Roll-Ins: assume a push-up position with hands on floor and feet on top of ball. Draw your knees into your chest while elevating onto your toes atop the ball.

Hip Extensions: place heels atop ball and sit on the floor, creating a 90 degree bend in your knees. Lift hips toward the ceiling emphasizing the squeeze in the gluts.

Crunch: place ball in the small of your back. With hands at ears and elbows wide lift your chest to the ceiling.

Perform these fives moves for 30 seconds each with minimal (if any) rest between exercises. Rest for 60-120 seconds and repeat the circuit.

Continue for as many rounds as you can.

For an added challenge, increase time by 10 seconds on each round.