The holidays are behind us and the new year is staring at us right in the face.

We left 2017 going strong, so let’s keep it up with a post-holiday metabolic circuit. Complete 5 rounds of the following exercises:

Sled march 30 seconds

A lot of gyms are offering turf space where you might find a sled that you can utilize. If you’ve never pushed a sled, start by only adding a moderate amount of weight as its easier/safer to add weight that it may be to decrease the weight. I have my athlete get set with their hands on the vertical bars of the sled and get their body set into a forward lean – roughly 45 degrees, and holding solid posture – straight line down from the ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Keep the weight on the ball of the foot while marching. I tell my athletes to punch their knee forward so when they strike the ground with their foot it’s in a motion that pushing back behind their hips. As always, protect your low back by keeping your abs nice and tight!

Med ball burpee to overhead press, 6-8 reps

I prefer a handled med ball or even a larger Dynamax med ball for this exercise. Start in the standing position with the med ball about chest height. Drop down into a high plank (the top of a push-up) by bringing the ball to the floor and kicking your feet back. Note: keep your abs tight here to avoid your low back from dipping and jamming up your spine. Quickly punch both knees forward and return to the standing position, then press the med ball overhead.

Plank to push-up 5 leading each hand

Starting in a low plank (down on your forearms) with your feet slightly spread apart, place your right hand where your right elbow was and press yourself up into a high plank position (the top position of a push-up). Lower yourself back down by replacing the right elbow where the right palm was previously. Squeeze through your abs, quads, and glutes while controlling your movement up and down. The goal is to move up and down through the upper body while avoid the hips shifting side to side or rotating left or right.

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