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Expect to see some familiar faces on 9NEWS for Reunion Week

Former 9NEWS anchors and reporters will be appearing on the morning show this week to share their favorites stories and discuss what they've been up to since leaving.

The entire week of Feb. 18 on 9NEWS Mornings, you’re going to see some familiar faces. We’re invited former anchors and reporters to join us.

DENVER - If you've been watching 9NEWS for a while then you’ll recognize some the faces this week, but some might be new. We'll be checking in to see what they're up to now as well as reminiscing with them about their favorite or most memorable stories.

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Throughout the week, those joining us for Reunion Week will be updating our briefings on Alexa. You can sign up for the briefings to get updates any time of the day through your Amazon Echo device.

Here’s a look at who you’ll be seeing on the air this week.


Ward Lucas

Ward Lucas spent decades here at 9NEWS and will return this week. He spent more than 40 years in investigative journalism and was the first reporter to cover the DB Cooper hijacking and the Ted Bundy murders. While at 9NEWS he flew to Aspen to cover the Bundy case.

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In 1974 began his broadcast career at KIRO-TV in Seattle before joining 9NEWS. He left 9NEWS in 2009.


Ed Sardella

Ed Sardella joined KBTV (which is now KUSA 9NEWS ) in 1974 and over the years became one of the top news anchors in the Denver market. He co-anchored 9News at 10 p.m. when the broadcast had achieved some of the highest audience levels of any late newscast in the United States.


Mark Koebrich

Mark Koebrich retired from 9NEWS in 2016 after 46 years on the air. In the time since, he’s made guest appearances to anchor newscasts and report on Alzheimer’s disease. Earlier this month, he appeared on 9NEWS mornings to discuss coverage of the United Flight 232 crash in 1989.

Paula Woodward

Paula Woodward worked as an investigative reporter here at 9NEWS but left in 2009.

She joined 9NEWS in 1977 and covered big stories such as the Columbine shooting and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. She wrote a book about the case, called "We have your daughter: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey 20 Years Later."

Last August, Woodward appeared on 9NEWS to discuss the Bennett family murders. It had remained unsolved until last year when there was an arrest in the case.


Kyle Dyer

Kyle Dyer worked at 9NEWS for two decades before deciding to leave in 2016. She began as a morning anchor back in 1996 and in 2014 scaled back her role to anchor the midday newscasts in order to spend more time with her family.

In 2016, she announced she was leaving and planned to continue telling stories through her own business. 


Ed Greene

Ed Greene was an anchor on 9NEWS at 4 p.m. with Kim Christiansen and Mark Koebrich. He notably covered the 1997 blizzard, and had a decades-long career at other stations across town as well. 

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