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How a brewery made the best out of a batch that became a victim of the bomb cyclone

Brewers at a Colorado brewery worried they would have to pour out a batch of beer after the bomb cyclone came through Colorado. Instead, they created a brand new drink from the resilient batch.

GOLDEN, Colo. — A snowstorm known as a bomb cyclone hit Colorado on March 13th, and the blizzard outside had a big impact on the beer inside Holidaily Brewery in Golden. 

Holidaily brewer, Connor Reeves clearly remembers the moment the power went out.  

“The first thing you notice is the silence because all the pumps and stuff turn off and its really spooky because it’s really silent in here,” Reeves said.

Holidaily owner Karen Hertz said the power outage could have been detrimental to her business.

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‘Something like that can be catastrophic to a small business,” Hertz said.  “So [I was] really was worried not only about our employees getting home safely but that batch of beer was potentially going to have to be poured out.”

Reeves was pleasantly surprised the day after the storm.  He says the beer was in good shape.  

“When we came in the next morning it was totally fine, not sour," Reeves said. "It just did not taste like Fat Randy’s IPA which is what we were trying to make, so we had to get a little creative with it." 

Reeves says after over a week of experimentation, he and the Holidaily team created a beer that tasted just right. 

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 “We’re tasting the beer throughout the process, throughout the fermentation and once it’s done we did several rounds of dry hopping to get the level of hoppiness to the level we wanted it," Reeves said. "So, it was a continuous experimentation process throughout the process of creating this beer." 

The beer is appropriately called the Bomb Cyclone Belgian Ale.  

Hertz is happy with the new beer too.  

“It’s a fun different style of beer,” she said.

Reeves is excited for patrons to check out the new ale.  

“That is my life and effort put into that glass and they get to try it," Reeves said. 

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