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6 more people claim Colorado fertility doctor is their father

A lawsuit alleges a Grand Junction doctor used his own sperm during multiple fertility treatments after telling mothers he used anonymous donations.

DENVER — Six additional people now allege a Colorado physician who dabbled in fertility treatments over the course of multiple decades is their father, according to an amended lawsuit.

The six recently joined the lawsuit filed on behalf of sisters Maia Emmons-Boring and Tahnee Scott of San Antonio, Texas. 

All eight believe Dr. Paul Brennan Jones, 80, of Grand Junction elected to use his own sperm over the course of multiple fertility treatments after he told their mothers he would only use anonymous sperm donations. 

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The lawsuit alleges Jones “used his own ‘fresh sperm’ to artificially inseminate” six mothers “at different times between 1975 and 1990.”

Two of the mothers each had two children who, according to the lawsuit, share the same biological father. 

Facing a probe by the Colorado Medical Board, Jones elected to voluntarily surrender his medical license just days after 9Wants to Know aired its initial story late last month. 

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In a filing with the Colorado Medical Board, Jones elected not to contest the allegations at a disciplinary hearing. The same filing alleged Jones did not use “his own sperm to impregnate multiple patients."

Jones and his attorneys have not, since September, responded to multiple emails and phone calls seeking comment. 

“I don’t deny it, and I don’t admit it," Jones said in October.

The recently amended lawsuit alleges the six mothers sought assistance from Jones after struggling to conceive children. 

On multiple occasions, according to the lawsuit, Jones told the mothers he would attempt to find donors who would resemble their husbands.

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It was also common for the mothers to undergo multiple rounds of artificial insemination before becoming pregnant. 

In 2005, Jones wrote one of the mothers suggesting, “the donors were carefully screened and had no history of family illnesses.”

He added, “They have moved on, and I have had no further contact with them.”

This year, one of the women who alleges Jones is her father delivered her own baby boy who, two weeks after his birth, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. The families in the lawsuit have said they want to know more about Jones’ family’s medical history.

To date, Jones has refused to supply his own DNA to the plaintiffs. 

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