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9NEWS investigation inspires lawmakers to help at-risk adults

A 9Wants to Know investigation is getting attention at the State Capitol. Lawmakers are trying to solve the problem of at-risk adults who are abandoned and end up stuck in hospitals for months.

DENVER- State lawmakers say they were inspired to push for a new state guardianship program after 9NEWS exposed the hidden epidemic of at-risk adults stranded in local hospitals.

As part of it’s reporting on STRANDED, 9NEWS found the current Office of Public Guardianship has failed to help one adult because of a lack of funding. Lawmakers are currently pushing to hit the “reset button” on the program to get it started as a pilot.

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It’s estimated 5,000 Colorado adults could use a state guardian program.

The 9NEWS investigation was referenced several times during a House Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday afternoon. Lawmakers voted to move a bill forward for potential appropriations to a pilot program.

“It really motivated me on why I wanted to bring this bill and why I’m so concerned with addressing this growing problem,” said Representative Marc Snyder, a democrat from Colorado Springs. “

A few people testified against the program, saying Colorado needs to establish oversight regulations for guardians so they don’t exploit at-risk adults.

“Currently guardians are allowed to ruck amuck unregulated and unsanctioned,” David Cassidy said.

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