Jill Wells was shot to death in Lincoln County in 2001.

The local sheriff, coroner and prosecutor quickly gave their official blessings to the story told by her husband – that the couple’s 6-year-old son accidentally pulled the trigger during a family target shooting session.

Other members of Jill’s family, some of her closest friends and other investigators who looked into the case over the years don’t believe that version of events.

They see marital problems, alleged affairs, drug issues and big life insurance payouts and suspect that the shooting may not have been an accident at all.

For nearly 16 years, that boy has lived with that reality – and with the whispered suspicions that his father – not him – may have fired that fatal shot.

Tanner Wells is a grown man now, pursuing an education. He declined to be interviewed, but he requested that 9NEWS share with him documents in the case, and he responded with a letter detailing his memories of his mother’s death and his belief that he was responsible.

Tanner Letter by 9news on Scribd

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