BLAME EPISODE 6: THE ULTIMATE QUESTION - Within days of the death of Jill Wells, two of her sisters had grown suspicious.

For two years, Julie Evenson and Joy Evenson kept those doubts to themselves, doubts centered on the story told by Mike Wells – that he and Jill’s 6-year-old son had accidentally shot her during a family outing.

Then in 2003 they traveled to Colorado and from their homes in the Midwest and started asking questions.

They got few answers.

In 2008, Julie came back to Colorado. And after she stopped in Lincoln County she found out there was a new sheriff and a new willingness to listen to her concerns.

A deputy took her questions seriously. And as he started investigating, he started developing his own suspicions.

Come along as 9Wants To Know hears from that deputy – and from a forensic pathologist, who doesn’t mince words about how he would classify the death of Jill Wells.

BLAME is a podcast produced by the 9Wants to Know investigative reporting team at 9NEWS in Denver, Colo. Reporter Kevin Vaughan takes you along as 9Wants to Know investigates a mother’s death, her husband’s secrets and the lax police work that far too quickly accepted the story that the couple’s 6-year-old son was to BLAME.

It takes you back to the beginning, the day Jill Wells died and her husband Mike told authorities their son Tanner pulled the trigger, to re-examine the crime and ask investigators, family and friends the question: Who’s really to BLAME?

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