Here are some documents related to the death of Jill Wells.

Wells was shot and killed at a rural Lincoln County ranch on March 28, 2001. 9Wants to Know taking a closer look at her death and the ensuing investigation in the podcast series ‘Blame.”

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Coroner's notes

Lincoln County Coroner Don Bender filled out a two-page form after his investigation of the death of Jill Wells and then released her body to a mortuary.

Undersheriff Alan Yowell's one page of notes

2-page police report

Lincoln County Sheriff LeRoy Yowell and Undersheriff Alan Yowell drafted a two-page report on Jill Wells’ death.

Release of evidence

The day after Jill Wells was shot to death, Lincoln County Sheriff LeRoy Yowell and Undersheriff Alan Yowell released the guns they’d confiscated at the scene to one of Mike Wells’ friends.

Hunter Education Association report

Lincoln County Sheriff LeRoy Yowell filed this Hunter Education Association report on Jill Wells’ death.

Jill Wells' life insurance application

These documents show that less than five weeks before she died, Jill Wells applied for $1.25 million in life insurance through Lincoln Benefit Life Insurance Co., an Allstate company. The application was for a $500,000 policy with a $750,000 rider.

Mike Wells requests life insurance payment

The day after Jill Wells died, Mike Wells reported her death and requested payment on an Allstate life insurance policy worth $200,000.

Mike Wells Requests Life Insurance Payment by RaquelVillanueva on Scribd

Mike Wells asks payment from Lincoln Benefit policy

Also on March 29, 2001, Mike Wells reported Jill’s death and requested payment on the Lincoln Benefit life insurance policy. At that point, the $500,000 face value was in place by the additional $750,000 had not yet been through underwriting.

Mike Wells receives life insurance payments

Allstate and Lincoln Benefit paid Mike Wells a total of more than $700,000 on April 20, 2001 – a little more than three weeks after Jill Wells died.

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It takes you back to the beginning, the day Jill Wells died and her husband Mike told authorities their son Tanner pulled the trigger, to re-examine the crime and ask investigators, family and friends the question: Who’s really to BLAME?

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