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Here are the 12 people with Colorado ties that have been charged in the Capitol riot

As the nation marks the one-year anniversary of the January 6 insurrection, most of the people with Colorado ties still have pending cases in federal court.


Robert Gieswein - Woodland Park

Gieswein remains in custody and is accused of spraying Capitol police with a chemical spray. He is seen in images wearing camouflage and tactical gear while armed with a club. Prosecutors have also alleged in court records Gieswein had ties with the right-wing group Three-percenters. 

Credit: DOJ
Robert Gieswein

Recent court filings reveal Gieswein has been trying to get out of custody and stay with relatives in Oklahoma pending his trial. 

Gieswein said he once wanted to be a police officer. 

Jeffrey Sabol - Jefferson County

Sabol remains in federal custody and is accused of pulling a Capitol police officer down stairs as the mob stormed the Capitol. 

Credit: U.S. Court Documents
Jeffrey Sabol, 51, of Jefferson County is accused of pulling a U.S. Capitol officer down the stairs during the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.

According to court records, Sabol made efforts to flee the country when he realized he was a target of an FBI investigation. Prosecutors wrote Sabol purchased tickets to Switzerland in the days after the insurrection. 

Police in New York found Sabol bloodied in a vehicle after a suicide attempt. When he was interviewed by FBI agents, Sabol told them he was a “patriot warrior.” 

Glenn Wes Lee Croy - Colorado Springs 

Croy has pleaded guilty in his case and was sentenced to 14 days in a half-way house and three years probation. 

He was the first Colorado man to be sentenced in the Capitol breach case, and told the judge “I lost my way. I made a huge mistake.”

Credit: Department of Justice

Court records reveal Croy admitted to using some of his stimulus money to travel to Washington, D.C. because he felt the election was stolen. 

In a Tweet to Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Bobert, he responded “fellow Coloradan will be there” when she asked who would stand with President Trump on January 6. 

Avery MacCracken - Telluride

MacCracken is described as “transient” in court records when he was arrested in Telluride in December. 

The FBI accuses MacCracken of punching a Capitol police officer in the face. 

Credit: San Miguel County Sheriff's Office
Mugshot of Avery MacCracken

Investigators cited the online group “Sedition Hunters” for helping identify MacCracken as a man living in Colorado.  

The most recent court filings indicate MacCracken remains in federal custody and the government has made the effort to potentially transfer him to Washington, D.C. for prosecution. 

Klete Keller - Colorado Springs

Olympian and gold medal winner Klete Keller was already well-known before the Capitol riot. 

Images from the Capitol show him wearing an US Olympics jacket. 

Credit: Federal court recoreds

Those who knew Keller from his days on the US Swim team contacted authorities when they recognized him from photos inside the Capitol Rotunda. 

Keller was the first Coloradan to plead guilty. So far he has not been sentenced and remains free on bond.

Lisa Homer - Colorado Springs

Homer was arrested in Colorado Springs after authorities identified her wearing a “Lions not Sheep” hat during the insurrection. 

Credit: DOJ

In court records, investigators revealed postings showing her affiliation and support for the rightwing group Proud Boys. Homer remains free on bond. 

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Logan Grover - Erie

Like many of the other insurrection suspects, Grover was active on social media, which helped give FBI agents evidence of his presence at the Capitol. 

The FBI received an anonymous tip that Grover had posted on Facebook, indicating he flew to Washington and planned to participate in the protest.

Credit: FBI

A screenshot of a Facebook post from Grover is included in the criminal complaint. It says in part, "I have no interest in violence. Sadly, I recognize that violence is highly likely.” 

He is accused of violently entering the Capitol grounds and remains free on bond. 

Patrick Montgomery - Littleton

Montgomery is accused of violently entering the Capitol. Images show him inside the Senate chambers. 

“We stormed the Senate…opened those Chamber door [SIC] for Transparency!” Montgomery posted on social media, according to federal court documents.

Credit: FBI

Montgomery has a prior criminal history stemming from a robbery in New Mexico and is not allowed to have guns, according to prosecutors. 

He was placed on house arrest via GPS monitoring after prosecutors learned he killed a mountain lion with a .357 magnum handgun in March 2020. 

Timothy Williams - Trinidad 

Williams was seen in multiple images from the Capitol riot and admitted to flying to Washington with his girlfriend. 

Credit: FBI
Timothy Williams is circled in red.

He told FBI agents he was “pushed” into the Capitol building and that he and his girlfriend got separated during the chaos. 

It was an anonymous tip that led the FBI to Williams, according to court records. 

He remains free on bond pending his case. 

Jacob Clark - Trinidad

Clark is accused of being part of a group of people seen pushing and shoving Capitol police. 

An acquaintance of Clark tipped off the FBI about his presence at the Capitol where he’s accused of “squaring up” before a police officer inside the building. Images from court documents show him raising his fists before an officer caught in the middle of the mob. 

Credit: FBI
Jacob Clark "squares up" to an officer, according to a warrant for his arrest from the FBI.

Clark is also accused of screaming at officers, “Stand down!” during the riot. 

In the days after the incident, the FBI wrote Clark was “verbally bragging” about his visit to the Capitol, which prompted an acquaintance to tip off authorities. 

Hunter Palm - Denver

Palm is accused of being a part of a group that entered Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office while someone in the group screamed out “We are going to kill her!” according to court records. 

Credit: DOJ

Palm is seen on images kicking his feet upon a table in Pelosi’s office and is quoted as saying through social media videos, “I think I like my new dining room. I pay for it.”

Palm is accused of violent entry into the Capitol and remains free on bond. 

Thomas Hamner - Colorado Springs

Hamner is currently under indictment for assaulting Capitol police with a large metal “TRUMP” sign during the riot. 

Credit: U.S. Dept. of Justice
Credit: U.S. Dept. of Justice

He is seen in several images wearing a “Guns Don’t Kill People, Clintons Do” sweater while fighting with police. 

Hamner was arrested in Colorado Springs, but it is unclear if he is still in custody. 

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