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'I thought I was going to die in prison': Colorado juvenile lifer walks free after 24 years

Jeff Johnson was sentenced to life in prison after a jury convicted him and his co-defendant of carjacking and killing a man in an Aurora parking garage in 1994.

Dacia Johnson, Matt Jablow

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Published: 4:59 PM MST February 11, 2021
Updated: 10:42 PM MST February 11, 2021

All you have to do is ask and Jeff Johnson will happily rattle off the things he's most grateful for in life: his wife, Jenny, their one-year-old twins, the new house they just bought in Colorado Springs, their three exuberant dogs and a well-paying job as a sales manager for a steel company

"I think we're doing alright for ourselves," Johnson said.   

And last, but clearly not least, the fact that he is no longer serving a life sentence for murder.

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