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Photographers at rallies say images of shooter, victim before shooting provide new context

An unlicensed security guard is facing second-degree murder charges in the shooting.

DENVER, Colorado — EDITOR’S NOTE: 9NEWS is used to covering many different kinds of stories, but usually we’re not directly involved in them. For this reason, Jason Whitely from our sister station WFAA in DALLAS is covering the initial stages of the shooting and investigation.

There were dozens of photographers at dueling protests in Denver Saturday where a man was shot and killed by an unlicensed security guard.

Matthew Dolloff, 30, is facing second-degree murder charges following the shooting and killing of Lee Keltner, 49.

Dolloff was working as a security guard providing protection for a 9NEWS crew covering the rallies.

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Some photographers who were also there that day say they have uncovered new video they took of both the victim and the alleged shooter that help provide new context to the confrontation that would follow.

Ben Kile, who captured Dolloff and Keltner standing next to each other at a crosswalk each seemingly unaware of the other, said he also had a run-in with the victim. 

"He thought I was trying to shoot an up-close picture of his face or something," Kile said. "I’m not entirely sure. He was on a cell phone and started yelling at me saying you can’t film me..."

Another photographer shared a video of a run-in they had with Keltner during the rally on Facebook. 

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Madeleine Kelly said she was nearby when she heard the gunshot.

"I remember hearing the gunshot and all I could think is ‘oh no'," she said. "As I came up, I saw Keltner on the ground covered in blood and police had just gotten there. They were starting to do as much first aid as they could.”

Both Kelly and Kile said they have turned their photography over to investigators.

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Dolloff was arrested moments after a single gunshot rang out on the plaza between the Denver Art Museum and the city’s main library. 

According to Eric Escudero, marketing and communications manager for the city’s Department of Excise and Licenses, “there is no record” that Dolloff had a license required by the city to work as a security guard – and no evidence he’d had one in the past.

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Keltner, reportedly a Navy veteran, worked as a hatter and was also a part of Colorado’s Motorcycle community. The Biker Down Charity has started a fundraiser for his family, describing him as a husband, father and friend to many.

9NEWS on Tuesday released two video clips taken from the cell phone of a producer on Saturday. One clip shows the moments that preceded the shooting of Keltner during the dueling Denver rallies. The video stops, and the second clip shows the aftermath when police are securing the scene. Another video, taken by an individual live-streaming during the incident, shows the 12 seconds in between when the shooting occurred. 

WARNING: The videos below contain graphic content and language that viewers may find disturbing.

District Attorney Beth McCann announced second-degree murder charges against Matthew Dolloff will be filed in Denver District Court on Monday.

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