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Long-time squatter rented room to at-risk adult who died shortly after eviction

9Wants to Know has learned a woman who managed to avoid eviction for 19 months rented a room to an elderly man in a wheelchair who passed away this month.

DENVER — After watching a 9Wants to Know investigation into an embattled home, a man revealed his at-risk elderly brother was living in the house and passed away shortly after the eviction. 

“It’s just crazy. This stuff happens in movies. It doesn’t happen to real people,” Kevin Howe said of his brother.  “How do these people sleep at night? I don’t know.” 

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In October, 9Wants to Know first revealed how new homebuyer Josue Ortega was kicked out of his property after Gloria Cannady showed up with a police officer and a “hard copy of a deed,” claiming she was the legit homeowner. 

The incident kicked off an intense legal battle that spanned 19 months with Ortega finally successfully evicting Cannady on Oct. 23. 

Before the eviction, Eugene Howe, 65, who suffered from diabetes and heart disease, was renting a room from Cannady for about $600 a month. He required a visiting nurse to administer medication and prepare food, according to his brother. 

Copies of rent checks made out to “Gloria Cannady” were provided to 9Wants to Know by his brother Kevin Howe, who said the eviction threw Eugene’s life into turmoil. 

“He called me and he said, ‘Hey Kevin the sheriffs are back. This time they’re taking everything and they’re putting it outside,” Kevin Howe said. “He had nothing, literally, except an air mattress and the clothes he took on his back. There was no planning.” 

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Ten days after the eviction, Eugene Howe, 65, was found dead in an apartment he moved into. His brother Kevin is not sure how much the eviction may have played a role in his brother’s death, but he is seeking answers. 

“He had a lot of issues," Howe said. "It could have nothing to do with it or it could have everything to do with it. I don’t know." 

The Office of the Medical Examiner in Denver confirmed it is conducting an autopsy to figure out the cause of death. 

Meanwhile, Cannady continues to fight over the ownership of the home in two pending court cases. 

Ortega told 9NEWS this week he plans to move into his home soon. 

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