BRIGHTON — Editors note: Debbie Allen, who worked for Adams County, reached out to 9NEWS to explain the first-class flight purchases outlined below. Click here for the update.

A 9Wants to Know investigation into government credit card purchases by a county employee reveals she purchased several first class flights for business trips, which is against Adams County government policy.

Two days after 9NEWS requested government credit card records of Debbie J. Allen, she was placed on administrative leave. Records show she upgraded to first class seats six times over the last two years.

She has remained on leave since April 6 after we started asking questions, and is awaiting a decision on her employment which is expected to be announced sometime before the end of May.

Allen has been forced to pay back the county $1,436 in unapproved expenses, according to county spokesperson Jim Siedlecki.

Her government credit card privileges have been revoked.

Allen is the chief justice planning officer for the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, which advises county elected officials on crime policy.

“While there was no loss of taxpayer money (due to reimbursements), the county revoked this employee's purchasing card and began an internal investigation in November,” Siedlecki said in a statement.

Allen will remain on leave until the end of the investigation.

Attempts to reach Allen for comment have been unsuccessful.