ADAMS COUNTY — A woman who was put on leave from her county job over questionable credit card purchases, including first-class flights, has reached out to 9NEWS to explain her side of the story.

Debbie Allen, who worked in the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council office, was originally placed on leave in April 2017 but then returned to work after an outside investigation found she should keep her job.

A 9Wants to Know review of her credit card purchases in 2017 revealed several purchases of first-class flights using county funds, which a county spokesperson said at the time was against policy.

Allen told 9NEWS in a statement, she received permission to purchase the first-class flights and that she willingly reimbursed the county for the cost of the flights. Allen claimed she was never “forced” to pay back the costs.

Adams County Spokesperson Jim Siedlecki said in an email, “We have no documentation that indicates Debra Allen received permission to purchase first class flights.”

Siedlecki also said Allen’s government credit card privileges were permanently revoked after she returned to work.

Allen eventually left her county position on June 1, 2018.