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JonBenét Ramsey's father said he supports petition to take case away from BPD

9Wants to Know's Matt Jablow talked with John Ramsey about a petition to take the murder case away from the Boulder Police Department.

DENVER — A petition is making the rounds in an effort to get the JonBenét Ramsey murder case taken away from the Boulder Police Department, and it's caught the attention of the governor's office – and JonBenét's father.

Gov. Jared Polis' office responded to the petition on Sunday. In the statement, Polis' office said, "The State will review the petition and look into how the state can assist in using new technology to further investigate this cold case and to identify JonBenét Ramsey's killer."

Also on Sunday, 9NEWS investigative journalist Matt Jablow spoke with JonBenét's father, John Ramsey. He's supporting the petition.

"Somehow we’ve got to force the police, or take it away from them, the ability to go ahead and test some of the crime scene evidence that was never tested for DNA," Ramsey said. "Why that’s never been done and will never be done by the police baffles me."

Six-year-old JonBenét was found dead in the basement of her family's home in December 1996. Her killer still hasn't been found.

Multiple people over the years have said they killed JonBenét, but their confessions were ultimately disproven.

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The new petition asks Polis to transfer the evidence away from BPD and allow a different department to use new technology to try and find the person who killed her.

"It’ll never be solved if it stays in the Boulder Police hands. Or at least get the crime scene material tested for DNA samples." Ramsey told 9NEWS. "The technology has advanced so far in the DNA world from 20 years ago. To just not do that, it baffles me."

During the interview, Ramsey opened up about the tragedy in his family and how it has changed him. JonBenét died in 1996, and his wife, Patsy Ramsey, died in 2006. But before JonBenét's death, another of John's daughters died in a car crash four years earlier.

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"My oldest daughter, Beth, was killed four years before in a car accident one afternoon – just a tragic accident. And that really took me to the floor; I was just devastated," Ramsey said. "But it caused me to examine my faith, my – you know, what's life all about? How can I continue on without someone I love dearly? There's nothing worse in life than the loss of a child."

And Ramsey lost two daughters.

"JonBenét's death took away my desire to live for a while. The police actions took away my ability to live for a while; I lost my job. Victims of violent crime normally end up broke, and we pretty much got close to that," Ramsey said. "It affected not only my life but my children's lives. Now my grandchildren will be impacted particularly if this is never resolved."

Ramsey has lived under a shadow of suspicion surrounding the death of JonBenét.

He said you never get over the loss of a child – you just have to move ahead, "but we had to move ahead with some pretty heavy assaults by my fellow man and the police. And the media, of course, took the bait and ran with it."

However, the family wasn't met with suspicion everywhere.

"People have been wonderful to us. I've had people early on say, 'How is it to be out in public? You must be getting people treating you poorly.' And I said, 'No, people are wonderful to us.' It's so uplifting. People stop us in the street – give us hugs [saying] 'I'm so sorry what's being done to you folks.'" Ramsey recalled. "Wow, my fellow man really cares about people. It changed me to be a much more compassionate person toward my fellow man."

Ramsey supports the petition and the Boulder Police Department is aware of it.

BPD released a statement Sunday saying the department continues to test pieces of DNA for potential matches. The department said it already works with several agencies to test DNA and will continue to do so.

“We have a shared goal to bring justice – and hopefully some peace – to JonBenet’s family and everyone who was impacted by her loss,” Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said in a statement to 9NEWS. “Our investigation with federal, state and local partners has never stopped. That includes new ways to use DNA technology. We’ve always used state-of-the-art technology as it has been at the forefront of this investigation. Every time the DNA technology changed, we worked to make sure the evidence could be tested."

The department said it has interviewed more than 1,000 people connected with the case and looked into more than 21,000 tips that it’s received since 1996.

"I want this resolved and solved," Ramsey said. "If you, Boulder Police, solve this crime, you’ll hear nothing but praise from me. But please, get on with it."

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