What could possibly drive a woman to remove a baby from another woman’s womb. Many have wondered that after Dynel Lane attacked Michelle Wilkins in March of 2015.

Wilkins’ baby Aurora didn’t survive. Lane has never spoken publicly.

9Wants To Know requested Lane’s jail phone calls while she awaited trial at the Boulder County Jail, hoping those would give insight into who she is, what motivated her, and maybe answer the one question everyone has wondered -why?

Nearly a month after attacking Wilkins, Lane got to make her first phone call. She called her mom on April 13, 2015.

“Hi sweatheart, how are you?” her mom said. “We’re just praying. Everybody we know is praying for you.”

The next day, Lane called mom again.

“It’s been so hard not being able to call anybody,” she cried. “Not being able to talk to family. All I do is think about the girls [her teenage daughters]”

Most of Lane’s 300 calls during her stay in the Boulder County Jail, an average of a phone call each day, are to her boyfriend.

The same man she lied to for months about being pregnant.

The man who came home the day of the attack, to find Wilkins’ baby Aurora dead in the bathtub. Lane told him she miscarried.

On April 15, 2015, Lane called her boyfriend. She told him she was having a hard time.

“I miss you so much,” she cried.

The jail is clear about the calls being recorded. In all the calls 9Wants To Know listened to, it’s evident Lane is very aware of that fact.

On April 16, 2015 Lane’s boyfriend told her, “I’m not giving up on you babe.”

“One thing I gotta say, what the ****?!” he said.

“You can’t say anything honey,” Lane replied.

The day the jury was being selected for Lane’s trial, she was upset.

“This week is going to be so hard,” she cried.

On day three of the trial, Lane got support from her boyfriend.

“I was so drained, I was so tired,” she told her boyfriend.

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you, whatever is said and whatever happens, I love you, I miss you,” he said.

Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett prosecuted Lane.

“Certainly you walk away with questions, ‘How can anyone do this?’” Garnett said, “I was surprised by the lack of emotion and by the lack of any kind of connection to what she had done and to the enormous pain and death she caused.”

Last month, Lane was sentenced to 100 years in prison for the attack. The day after her sentencing, she called her mom.

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“Just remember Dynel we all love you, you’re so awesome,” her mom said. “Some people are throw away people, and you’re not.”

Lane told her mom about an 18-year-old girl she met in jail whose mother wrote her a letter disowning her.

“I don’t understand how mothers can’t be moms. I don’t get it,” she cried.

“This one baffles me honestly,” said 9NEWS psychologist Max Wachtel “Because knowing what she did, knowing how she did it, knowing that she had fooled her boyfriend for months before that pretending that she was pregnant, she sounded like she was completely psychotic just out of her mind. Then you hear these phone calls and it just sounds like she’s missing her family.”

In court, Lane’s family members apologized to Wilkins for what happened.

Lane never did.

Lane has been transferred to the Denver Correctional Facility to serve her sentence.

Her mother told us she wasn’t ready to speak yet.

Lane’s boyfriend declined an interview at this time as well, issuing the following statement.

“My girls [Lane’s daughters] and I want to send our condolences to Michelle and her family. She has been in our thoughts since day one and we are very sorry for what happened. Dynel is a sweet and loving person and a good mother. I believe that she needs some mental help. There is a condition when women think they are pregnant and it’s so strong in their minds that the body changes. I am shocked that this was not brought up in the trial. My girls and I are deeply saddened by what happened.”