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Local CEO seen in images brandishing gun at hispanic man who got lost

Paul Favret, the CEO of Resource Energy, has been captured in images brandishing a gun at a man who accidentally pulled up to the wrong home in Sedalia.
Credit: Chris Ochoa

SEDALIA, Colo. —

GPS directions led Chris Ochoa to the wrong home while looking for a wedding rehearsal, prompting the homeowner to chase him down in a truck, cut him off and allegedly point a gun to his head, according to law enforcement records obtained by 9Wants to Know. 

“I stayed as still as possible because I knew he was in a rage, I knew he could shoot any time, and I knew I could die at any time based on how he was reacting,” Ochoa, 26, wrote in a statement to law enforcement. “As a minority, I felt in danger.” 

In the Douglas County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) incident report, Ochoa told deputies homeowner Paul Favret chased him down in a truck and yelled, “I want to blow your f*****g head off.” 

Ochoa told deputies Favret didn’t listen to his apology but continued to act in an aggressive manner while waving the gun around. 

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The Douglas County District Attorney's Office has filed five criminal charges against Favret, including two felony menacing charges and three misdemeanors. 

Ochoa posted about the incident on Facebook.  

Credit: Chris Ochoa
Chris Ochoa and girlfriend

Favret, the CEO of Resource Energy, is seen in the Facebook images standing next to a red pickup with a pistol in his hand. The images were captured by Ochoa’s girlfriend, he wrote. 

The encounter between Favret and Ochoa happened on June 12, just south of Sedalia at the intersection of Elk Canyon Place and Elk Canyon Drive in the wealthy neighborhood of the Elk Ridge Estates.

Credit: Anna Hewson

“The Facebook post in question does not portray an accurate version of the events. However, I deeply regret my actions that day,” Favret said through a company spokesperson. 

In a statement sent to 9Wants to Know, Favret made the point he could not distinguish the race of the car’s occupants. 

“I had no way of knowing the identities of the individuals in the vehicle," Favret said. "I just saw the unknown vehicle very close to the home at a time when we were not expecting any visitors and our property is clearly marked with our address and is about 1/2 mile from their destination."

In the statement, Favret also pointed out he’s had intruders on his property in the past who’ve been engaging in illegal elk hunting. 

Initially, Ochoa declined to press charges because the wedding’s host threatened to cancel it if he moved forward with legal charges at the time, he wrote in a statement. 

In the incident report, Favret initially denied to a responding deputy that he pulled out his gun when confronting Ochoa. He changed his story when the sheriff's deputy showed him the photos taken by Ochoa’s girlfriend. Favret told the deputy he didn’t remember that part of the incident. According to the report, Favret told officers he was on pain medication. 

Credit: Chris Ochoa

Ochoa, who identifies as Mexican-American, asked the DCSO to reopen the case now that his best friend’s wedding is over. 

Ochoa said the incident scared him enough that he didn't end up attending the wedding in the same neighborhood the following day.

Credit: Screen shot of Paul Favret bio
Paul Favret's bio before it was removed from the website.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Favret serves as the chief executive officer and was the CEO and president of Resource Energy Partners. Prior to that, the bio says, Favret founded Source Energy Partners.

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