Sedgwick County Sheriff Tom Hanna was accused of taking a hand-cuffed, developmentally disabled inmate to his home, where he allegedly coerced her to take off her clothes, sexually assaulted her and threatened her with lifetime in prison if she told anyone, according to court records released Wednesday.

Hanna, 44, was in court Wednesday afternoon to be formally charged with sexual assault on an at risk adult, sexual conduct in a correctional institute, soliciting prostitution and first-degree official misconduct. The judge set his bond at $250,000 and required him to wear a GPS monitor.

Hanna is also not allowed within 100 yards of the Sedgwick Sheriff’s Office and Sedgwick courts.

The judge also granted the 13th Judicial District's request to have the 18th Judicial District prosecute the case.

The allegations came to light when one of his deputies raised concerns after Hanna showed up to transport the female inmate in his own personal vehicle. That deputy later saw Hanna’s pickup parked at his home at a time when he should have been on his way to take the inmate to the Logan County Jail, according to court documents.

The alleged incident happened Aug. 10. The woman was in Sedgwick County Jail after being arrested in a domestic violence incident.

According to the arrest affidavit, Hanna took the inmate to his house and made her strip down. The woman told an investigator that he said, “If I say anything, he was going to try and put me in prison.”

The victim told that investigator for the 13th Judicial District Attorney’s Office he offered her $60 for sex. Ultimately he touched her but did not have intercourse, she said. The victim told the investigator that, “when she put her clothes on, he said he did not want to give her $60 bucks for nothing.”

However, in the end Hanna did deposit $20 into her jail account once he transported her to the Logan County Jail. When investigators confronted him about the incident, he admitted to putting the money in the account, “because he has a big heart and wanted to make sure the woman could call her brother….”

The victim told the investigator that her brain “is like a kid’s.” She said Hanna used that “against her and she didn’t know what to do,” according to court records.

The woman told the investigator that she has a low IQ because she was malnourished as a child, according to the court record. She said she graduated from high school after taking special education classes. She does not have a driver’s license. She explained she hasn’t been able to pass the driver’s test because she can read but cannot understand the questions.

“I felt like I was raped, to be honest and this has bothered me a lot and it feels good to get it out because I’m telling the truth,” she said, according to the affidavit.

It also says Hanna told another deputy he was going to transport this inmate in his personal truck, which was against policy. But the sheriff told his employee he was on his way to Denver and the jail stop was on his way.

The deputy told investigators he then saw the Hanna’s truck and his patrol car in the sheriff’s driveway and found that curious because it wasn’t normal procedure to interview people at home.

When interviewed, the victim asked the investigator if she had been raped. When the investigator told her she had been, court paperwork says the victim became so emotional she vomited.

Then the victim told the investigator step-by-step, what she said happened according to the record.

She said Sheriff Hanna asked her if she wanted to make $60, telling her “I just want sex.”

“The next thing she knew, he told her to strip,” she said to the investigator, according to court records.

When interviewed, Hanna denied ever touching the victim in a sexual way and said he didn’t know why she would claim that. He refused a polygraph.

Hanna was arrested Tuesday.

He’s been the Sedgwick County Sheriff for two years. He served as a deputy before that.