The American Diabetes Association wants Congress to investigate what’s causing the cost of insulin to soar.

The announcement, made Thursday, follows a series of news reports – including a 9Wants to Know investigation – documenting the doubling of the cost of insulin since 2012.

“No one in need of lifesaving insulin should ever go without it due to prohibitive cost,” said Dr. Desmond Schatz, president of Medicine and Science at the American Diabetes Association.

Tuesday, 9Wants to Know introduced you to 4-year old Juniper Himes, a type 1 diabetic, who depends on insulin to live. Her parents, like millions of Americans, struggle to pay for a drug that currently has no generic alternatives on the market.

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In a resolution passed unanimously by the American Diabetes Association Board of Directors, the ADA calls on “all entities in the insulin supply chain, including manufacturers, wholesalers, PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers), insurers and pharmacies to substantially increase transparency in pricing associated with delivery of insulin.”

The resolution also calls on Congress to hold hearings to identify reasons behind the “dramatic increases in insulin prices.”

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