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Family fights 3 years for custody of their own child

Allegations of “Promises Made” are some of the questions surrounding how the Washington County Department of Human Services handled a child custody case.

Anna Hewson

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Published: 5:00 AM MDT May 26, 2023
Updated: 9:51 PM MDT May 25, 2023

“July 8th, 2019 was the day I found out,” Alicia Johansen said.

It was that day she and Fred Thornton found out they were having a baby. But becoming parents wasn’t part of their plans and at the time they were both regularly using meth.

“Because I was using I didn't have periods and I didn't think that I could get pregnant, which was dumb, but I just assumed, no, it can't happen and it won't happen. And it hasn't happened until like, one day, I was like, I bet that's what this is,” Johansen said.

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