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Jason Momoa comments on the Momoa Samoas sold by Colorado Girl Scout

Jason Momoa responded to Next with Kyle Clark's story about the Colorado Girl Scout selling Momoa Samoas this year. He told ET that he wants a cut... in cookies.

Actor Jason Momoa knows all about the Colorado Girl Scout who’s selling Momoa Samoas this year.

Entertainment Tonight discussed Charlotte Holmberg’s brilliant marketing campaign with Momoa on the Oscars red carpet Sunday night.

“I think she would probably send you some,” ET host Nancy O’Dell said to Momoa, who told her he loves Girl Scout cookies.

“I would love some. I want the shortbread, and then you got to put that in the freezer. That’s the best way,” he responded.

Momoa’s wife, Lisa Bonet, then joked that he wants his cut of the profits. When O’Dell asked why he doesn’t want the Momoa cookies, the "Aquaman" and "Game of Thrones" actor was adamant that he’s got his eye on something else.

“I just want the shortbread!” he said.

The shortbread, of course, being the Scouts’ Trefoil cookie.

Holmberg, from Highlands Ranch, turned boxes of traditional Samoa cookies into “Momoas” by adding a shirtless picture of Momoa. She told Next with Kyle Clark they were selling fast, especially with one group.

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“The moms are getting really excited, and they’re saying that they need them,” Holmberg said.

Colorado moms aren’t the only ones. Momoa’s own mother got in contact with the Colorado Girl Scouts after seeing our story, and they got her a box of her own.