The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today is Jefferson County's zoning board giving a go-ahead to what's believed to be our state's first brewery with an off-leash area for dogs to play.

Littleton's Coal Mine Avenue Brewing had its final hearing with the zoning board on Tuesday morning.

The owners say it hasn’t been able to get construction permits until the property was rezoned.

Next chatted with them, Manuel and Erica Baca, about their idea...

The inspiration?

"We wanted to be able to take our dogs to work and make beer." -- Manuel

You passed a major hurdle. Was it a tough sell?

"Yeah, it's just been a long wait and a lot of wondering if we were going to make it. But I wouldn't call it a tough sell. Everyone's been really supportive." -- Erica

If this works, it'll probably be copied. Are you okay with that?

"We're fine with that. Do it." -- Erica

"Make it easier for the next guy..." -- Manuel

Coal Mine Avenue Brewing – which had to change its name from Off-Leash Ales due to copyright issues – was slated to open in January 2017.

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The owners haven’t set an opening date quite yet. They post lots of updates on Facebook here:

A few people have reached out to us to ask about other establishments, like Romero's in Lafayette. That is a bar, not brewery, so as far as we know, this is still the first. If you know of a brewery like this that we don't, let us know with #HeyNext.