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Kelly Clarkson responds to CSP trooper’s enthusiastic tweet about free Colorado show

A CSP Trooper who also happens to be a big fan of Kelly Clarkson got some attention from the pop star on Twitter.

A Colorado State Patrol trooper excited to see Kelly Clarkson’s free concert in Colorado Springs next month got some attention from the pop star on Twitter Thursday.

CSP Public Affairs tweeted photos of Trooper Josh Lewis, who was giddy with excitement upon hearing news of Clarkson’s free performance at the Air Force Academy on June 2.

“Really?! One free ‘get out of jail’ card to whomever gets me backstage to meet her!” the tweet read. "*Not binding or real except in Monopoly."

A few hours later, Clarkson replied to the tweet saying “Okay somebody has got to get this man a pass he deserves it!

There's no word yet on if Trooper Lewis was able to score a backstage pass, but we hope he does!

Free tickets to the concert are available starting May 8 at 9 a.m.

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