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Boulder lawyer buys billboards to respond to Weld County's '2nd Amendment sanctuary' resolution

Lindasue Smollen bought 6 billboards in Weld County to respond to Sheriff Steve Reams, who's leading the charge against Colorado's new red flag gun control law.

An attorney in Boulder shelled out $9,000 from her own pocket to send a message to Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams.

Lindasue Smollen has purchased six billboards along Highway 34 in Weld County, which was declared a “2nd Amendment sanctuary” by its board of county commissioners in response to the red flag gun control law.

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“More Americans have died of gun violence since 1970, including murders, suicides and accidents (1.4 million), than in all the wars in American history (1.3 million). Thoughts and prayers are not enough,” her signs say.

Smollen cites 2013 results from Politifact’s “Truth-O-Meter” for her information. Snopes, a fact-checking website, finds the claim to be mostly true, although the figures may vary.

Smollen also purchased billboards a couple of times last year to create a conversation about gun violence. Those signs shared the same message. The new signs are in direct response to Reams saying he would risk going to jail before seizing anyone's guns under the red flag law.

“It’s distasteful to me that he would not enforce a law that could prevent suicides,” she told 9NEWS.

Governor Jared Polis signed the law earlier this month, but Reams has been a vocal opponent since lawmakers introduced it. When the law goes into effect in 2020, a judge could order law enforcement to temporarily seize someone’s guns if that person is considered a risk.

Reams said he is doing what he believes is right by the Constitution and that she has the right to share the signs because of her 1st Amendment rights.

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“I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers as I continue to stand for our Constitution and the 2nd Amendment as well as the 4th, 5th and 14th that are being attacked through the Red Flag Law,” he wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

Smollen told 9NEWS in fall that gun violence is an issue that has bothered her for a long time. She cited several mass shootings, specifically, that prompted the billboard idea, including Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and Parkland.

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Smollen points to Hollywood as her inspiration for using a billboard to showcase her message. She enjoyed the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.”

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