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2nd annual memorial cruise held for Isabella Thallas

Family and friends gathered in honor of the 21-year-old who was shot and killed nearly two years ago.

DENVER — Family and friends are remembering a woman killed nearly two years ago near Coors Field.

Isabella Thallas had just turned 21 when someone shot her and her boyfriend while they were out walking their dog.

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On Saturday, a memorial cruise was held in her honor.

"Amazing human beings coming out of the woodwork. Some you know and a majority you don't," said Isabella's father, Josh Thallas. “Associates reached out to us the first go around. It was fantastic and they reached out again this year, and so we’d love to keep thing rolling and it make it a thing on our calendar. I’m beyond thankful. It just keeps growing every single time."

It's an event that represents her life and continues her legacy. 

"This is her and that's the awesome part to it. Just, there was no agenda. There wasn't anything, just to show up and be a fantastic human being," he said. “I am very proud. Very, very proud of two daughters, especially Bella and her sister.”

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Josh said that feeling is the way he wants to continue to remember his daughter. 

"You can see it from every kind of car, every scene. From new age classics to $100,000 GTOs. It's amazing," he said. "You get every walk of life. There's not an ethnic background here that isn't covered, or a kind of car, culture, or anything, political — it just doesn't matter and that's what it is for me. It's about bringing all the human beings and community together."

Credit: KUSA

It's a community of many, only some of them blood relatives. But all of them, considered family.

"We're 23 months and some change into this, and murder trial's set for July, so we're almost there. That'll hit a little over a two-year mark," said Josh. "We're hanging in there as a family. Behind closed doors there's good days and bad days, but I think there's way more good days than there are bad." 

The trial for the man charged in Thallas' death is scheduled to start July 11.

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Her family helped pass a Colorado law named for Isabella that requires gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms within a certain amount of time.

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Josh said their next project is creating a nonprofit in her name, to give student scholarships.

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