Cindy McClelland is not only the owner of Changes in Latitude Travel Store in Boulder, she's a seasoned traveler and loves sharing her tips and tricks for hitting the road with light load.

9NEWS met up with her at her Boulder store where she frequently holds free workshops for anyone interested in packing a bundle in just one carry-on.

"I traveled for a year and half with a carry-on so it can be done," she said.

McClelland says once you know where you're going and for how long, start laying out your clothes, and don't put anything in a bag before you take inventory. Changes in Latitude offers a checklistto help with this process.

"So you want to plan ahead, maybe even a month ahead so that you're not over packing, and so you figure out what it is you need to buy and what you already have," McClelland said.

She suggests going with a basic color theme like black and white and shows us how you can use inexpensive accessories and scarves to change up the looks along with adding a solid pop of color here and there.

Next, you want to choose the right size luggage. McClelland says a carry-on is ideal because it's always with you and you don't get stuck paying extra fees when you fly.

But how do you make it all fit? McClelland showed us how using separate bags to hold clothing, shoes, and toiletries.

Just two nylon bags dedicated to the clothes fit 19 pieces including shirts, dresses, and pants, and took up very little space.

"You can have it organized so you clothes don't move around and wrinkle, it's like an organized closet," McClelland said.

When it comes to the question of folding or rolling, McClelland says do both. Roll your easy care and knits, and fold your cotton.

A trick with collared shirts is to fold and alternate the ends with the most fabric to avoid bunching. The biggest space saver of all is not packing too many pairs of shoes.

"The rule of thumb is if you're trying to go carry-on and light weight is to wear one and pack one, so obviously you'd wear your heaviest pair on the plane and pack your lightest one," McClelland said.

You don't even need a fancy bag for that second pair of shoes you pack away. McClelland showed us that an old newspaper bag works great.

McClelland's next free Packing Light Clinic will be April 24 at the Changes in Latitude Travel Store on 2525 Arapahoe Street, Boulder. Learn more at