The Stanley Hotel has been a Colorado staple for the last 107 years.

It’s seen several owners, and far more visitors; gaining a national reputation for hospitality along the way.

Somewhere around the 1970’s, though, it began gaining a national and international reputation for being haunted.

9NEWS reporter Dan Grossman spent a night exploring the famous Stanley Hotel. 

Stephen King’s The Shining is a prime example after the writer woke up in a sweat in the middle of the night, having dreamt of fire hoses in the hotel coiling themselves around his son and dragging him away.

He stepped outside onto his balcony of room 217, lit a cigarette, and by the time he took his last drag had developed the framework for the book in mind.

Today that tradition of ghosts precedes The Stanley, but are all the of the stories real?

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There are accounts of men feeling their chest pressed against the bed as they sleep. Non-existent figures hitting lollipops out of hands.

In total there are seven notoriously haunted rooms in the hotel.

9NEWS reporter Dan Grossman spent a night at the hotel to see if the legends are true.

Dan is fiercely afraid of ghosts. He claims he is a skeptic, but doesn’t doubt the possibility of their existence.

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