Aspire Fitness was forced to close two locations in Aurora because they weren’t paying taxes.

The City of Aurora taped signs to the front doors of the stores there that read, “This property has been seized for the nonpayment of taxes and is now in the possession of the City of Aurora.”

Lori MacKenzie with the city's marketing team said Aurora seized two Aspire locations in city limits due to unpaid sales or use taxes from April 2016 through October 2018. She added that the city's staffers are in contact with the business about the delinquent payments. After the business pays up, the city will release the properties.

"Estimated total liability for the two locations is $27,094," MacKenzie told 9NEWS.

According to the City of Aurora, Aspire has 10 days to pay the debt as of Tuesday and if they don't, the properties - and everything inside them - will be scheduled for sale at auction. Even after the given deadline, if the owners pay up before the auction date they can still get everything back.

9NEWS reached out to Aspire ownership but have not heard back as of this writing. The city said they've heard the businesses' leadership wants to pay the debt back and reopen their 6th and Chambers location.

For members and former employees, "trouble" has been the word of the week. They've had a lot of trouble reaching the owners for information on their memberships or paychecks.

Kimberly Christian was just one of many who had trouble getting her money back from Aspire Fitness.

"I called every location that was on the website and nobody is answering to find out [sic] where I get my refund because I paid in full," she told 9NEWS.

Christian said she paid more than $200 for a year membership back in February and hasn't heard a thing from them.

But the Aurora locations are just the latest to close for Aspire - they aren't the first. In Westminster, the Aspire gym there shuttered its doors suddenly, too. A spokesperson for the Adams County Sheriff's Office said deputies served an eviction notice there in late September.

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Amairani Acosta said she worked at the Westminster location and would like two checks she's owed. She said it wasn't just the money that's got her upset, but also the time she spent at work. Acosta said she's been told her paycheck is in the mail - though it's been more than two weeks and she hasn't seen a penny.

9NEWS recently got a hold of a lawsuit filed by Summit Square, the owners of the building, against Inspire Colorado, Aspire’s parent company. Summit Square is asking for $65,503.50 from Aspire for breaking a contract.

Between the lawsuit and the tax debt, the company owes close to $93,000.