Boulder County Sheriff's deputies arrested an assisted living owner Thursday.

Christopher Butler, 59, was arrested for a long list of charges alleging financial exploitation of elderly residents of Timberline Lodge Assisted Living.

The assisted living facility is located off Jotipa Drive, just north of Longmont.

Deputies said their investigation began in August 2015 after the daughter of an 83-year-old man had concerns about her father's finances. The daughter alerted investigators that Butler was a signer on the victim's bank account.

Detectives said Butler would sign checks to himself and deposit them into his personal accounts. Butler also used some funds to pay expenses of Timberline Lodge, according to deputies. Butler would also write checks out of his account and deposit money into the victim's account. The process is known as 'kiting."

“Kiting” is a crime involving writing a check on account A with insufficient funds and depositing it in another account, account B, and then writing a check on account B and depositing it in account A to cover the first check written on account A. They take advantage of the time it takes for the checks to clear the bank, making it appear there are sufficient funds in each account.

Deputies found that more than $475,000 had been paid by the victim to Butler between January 2009 and December 2015. Deputies said based on the contract for services, Butler should have only been paid approximately $273,000 during that time period.

The State of Colorado Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Division is working closely with the families of residents. Immediate family members have been contacted by the state.

The Timberline Lodge will remain open and serving clients until family members have the opportunity to find appropriate living arrangements. The staff is working with the state agency and continues to provide care to residents. They say it is always preferable to have residents stay in the facility they live in and have become accustom to, as long as they are safe.

The investigation has not found any situations where residents were at physical risk.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is concerned there may be additional victims. Deputies ask that if you had a family member at the Timberline Lodge Assisted Living facility and have concerns about their financial affairs to call 303-441-4444.

Those with questions about a loved one should contact the State of Colorado Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Division.