DENVER — A Denver man has bee charged for illegally running a short-term rental business, the Denver District Attorney's Office announced.

Aaron Caleb Elinoff was charged Friday with one count of attempting to influence a public servant, the DA said.

Denver Municipal Code requires that short-term rental (STR) owners live at the location being rented as their primary residence.

Elinoff submitted an application for a STR license for 641 Raleigh Street in March, according to an arrest affidavit. As part of the process, he was required to submit an ID for proof of residency. His ID showed an address on Larimer Street. Since it did not match the address on the application, a Denver Excise and Licensing technician was assigned to do a follow-up.

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Elinoff also signed and submitted a notarized affidavit claiming that his primary residence is 641 Raleigh Street. the DA's office said. However, an investigation by Denver’s Excise and Licensing determined that Elinoff actually lives at 1316 Tennyson Street.

An inspector with Denver Excise and Licensing drove to the Tennyson Street property on June 5 and saw Elinoff gardening. She approached him and asked if he lived there and he told her yes.

The inspector then asked if she could ask him a few more questions and Elinoff declined. The inspector then drove a block away to complete her notes and then went to the Raleigh Street house where she saw Elinoff go inside.

The inspector began contacting numerous neighbors at both locations and ultimately concluded that the Tennyson Street house, the address where Elinoff is registered to vote, is his primary residence.

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