A baby elk, found abandoned and injured in Estes Park, is now getting a lot of help from new friends.

Estes Park Police picked the elk up Monday and turned it over to the Animal Hospital of the Rockies.
A veterinarian there determined the calf had a broken leg and put a splint on the little guy.

The Estes Park News captured this video of the calf while he was being treated at the Animal Hospital of the Rockies.

The community has named the elk Elliot.

Tuesday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) took the calf from the vet's office.

A veterinarian with CPW was able to get the calf to suckle milk from a bowl, which officials say is good because without the suckle reflex, milk goes to the wrong stomach chamber and the calf dies.

It has been transferred to a long-term rehab center in Fort Collins where it will bunk with a bighorn sheep lamb for company.