The owners of a X Bar issued an apology after a controversial display was spotted inside the bar over the weekend.

Gia Valverde took a picture of what she saw Saturday night.

"We were getting some drinks at the bar and I noticed there was a half-built wall," Valverde said. "There was an American flag on the wall and above that there was what looked like a dead Mexican in a sombrero on top of it."

She says she and her friend were immediately offended.

"I wasn't sure how anybody would allow that to be up in their establishment," she said.

Others were laughing as they took pictures of the display.

"They said you know it's Trump and the wall and they're going to make the Mexicans pay for it," Valverde said. "They laughed really hard."

After the photo circulated online, X Bar posted a statement on its Facebook page calling it an "unfortunate situation that was not sponsored, encouraged or allowed by ownership.""

The bar also says the display was meant as satire to make light of a hard situation and feel terrible for causing anyone to feel discouraged.

The post ended with a plea for forgiveness and a promise to do better.

"We are here to talk to you guys and fight this fight WITH you. Please forgive us for this offensive display, we are working double time to turn this into a positive learning experience for all."