Alex Gorrell has spent the last week and a half posting on Facebook and talking to police in search of his older brother Tyler Gorrell.

Tyler Gorrell, 33, was last seen was last seen in Denver on Aug. 3. Six days later his car was found abandoned in Summit County.

"It kind of builds,” Alex Gorrell said. “You start and think he's just not in touch. He'll call back soon.”

Alex Gorrell said that call never came.

"We went to his house and got extremely worried and that's when we brought in the Denver Police," he said. "It was absolutely terrifying."

Alex Gorrell called Tyler's friends, work and looked at his bank records, all with the hope of finding some clues where he went.

"I had friends start posting and sharing his picture so we could get it out there," Alex Gorrell said. "I had a feeling he wasn't in Denver.”

That feeling was right. On Aug. 9, police found Tyler Gorrell's car at the Rock Creek winter trailhead.

Charles Pitman with the Summit County Rescue Group is the mission coordinator for the search for Tyler Gorrell. He said rescue teams have spent a little more than 400 man hours looking for Tyler Gorrell, covering almost every trail from Silverthorne to well north of where Tyler Gorrell's car was found.

Pitman said they’ve had dozens of people on the ground for the search. The Civil Air Patrol has also helped. Multiple dog teams were involved as well, and one search dog picked up a scent in an area on the Gore Range Trail - about 3 miles from where Tyler Gorrell's car was parked. Pitman said that’s where they’ll resume the search on Monday.

No other clues were found.

"He's very strong; he's in good shape,” Alex Gorrell said. “I think he could survive in the mountains for a while. If I take some time to sit and think about it. It gets a lot harder."

Alex Gorrell also said Tyler Gorrell isn't a frequent hiker, and it's unusual for him to go on a hike like this. Still, he has hope.

"I keep thinking we're going to find him soon," he said. "If Tyler can hear it, there's a lot of people here who really love him and want him to come home. If you're stuck somewhere be strong and we'll find you. If you're not stuck and you're just embarrassed you've been gone so long just come home and we'll forget about it."

Police said Tyler Gorrell is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. He usually wears his hair in a ponytail. If you have any information, call the Summit County Sheriff's Office at 970-453-2232.