GRAND COUNTY – When the snow falls then melts in the mountains this time of year, the Grand County Sheriff’s Department usually sees an uptick in calls relating to bears.

“As fall sets on us, there are a lot of bears in our area,” Sheriff Schroetlin said.

But a call to deputies on Saturday was a little different than most.

A 200 pound black bear got inside Danny Archer’s car and accidently got carried away.

“The bear put the car in neutral and it rolled back across the street into a spruce tree,” Archer said.

Jeromy Huntington with Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it’s not hard for a bear to get inside most cars but if the door shuts there’s likely to be a lot of damage inside.

“Once a bear is trapped in a car there’s a panic mode and that’s when they will destroy the inside of a car,” Huntington said. “They will rip off the door panels trying to get out.”

Archer says there’s wasn’t any food in his car at the time but the bear still got in. CPW was eventually able to get the uninjured bear out of his vehicle.

Bears getting stuck in cars or homes is a very serious situation that could lead to a bear being put down.

Huntington says keeping vehicle doors locked at all times is the best way to avoid similar situations.

It’s advice Archer is sure to take after learning insurance won’t cover the costs of destroyed seats and a chewed up gear shift that sent his car rolling.