KUSA — All this week on 9NEWS we're taking our viewers behind the scenes to show you how the newsroom operates.

Three decades ago, in 1988, 9NEWS anchor Gary Shapiro produced a series of stories taking viewers behind the scenes to show how we get the news on the air each day.

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Throughout the week, we focused on different parts of the newsroom. During each report, we asked viewers to send us their questions and tell us what they wanted to see here at 9NEWS.

Friday morning, we're answering those questions.

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During the 5 a.m. hour, we explained why all of the anchors appear to be the same height when on television.

Meteorologist Marty Coniglio also explained that when started working in 1985, he did the weather by drawing with markers on plexiglass. There was no "green screen" at his station.

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