First Responders with the Boulder Fire-Rescue are receiving ten donated pet oxygen mask kits.

Each of their trucks will now be equipped with at least one mask which could save your pet's life.

During a house fire, smoke inhalation can be tough on pets and can cause them to stop breathing very quickly.

There have been cases where the masks have revived the pets on-scene or at least it buys the pets some time until someone can get them proper medical care.

The masks allow rescue teams to administer oxygen to an animal that needs help.

In most states, emergency responders are not equipped to deal with pets suffering from smoke inhalation.

The number of pets that die in fires is not an official statistic.

According to Boulder fire rescue, sources have cited an estimated 40,000 to 150,000 pets each year that die in fires.

The masks are donated by Invisible Fence.