BROOMFIELD, Colo. — The Broomfield Police Department (BPD) is the latest law enforcement agency to encrypt its radio communications systems, according to a statement shared on Facebook Saturday morning.

In the statement, the police department said numerous public safety concerns support encryption and they were in the process making the switch to encryption for several weeks. 

"The most important [safety concern] being the ongoing concern for the privacy of victims of serious crimes," the statement read. 

BPD added that the protection of sensitive information was also a reason why encryption was implemented. 

"While our officers are keenly aware of their statutory obligation to protect the identities of victims of certain crimes in police records, police radio traffic is less controlled," the police department said.

According to Broomfield Police, officer security is also a key element. The police department believes criminals can also use mobile apps and scanners to monitor the location of police while committing crimes or fleeing scenes. 

BPD said they use social media to keep the media and public informed about ongoing critical incidents in a timely manner. 

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