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Some people in Buena Vista haven't received mail in 2 weeks

USPS said they are struggling to hire people to staff the mountain town's post office.

BUENA VISTA, Colo. — There's that mail carrier motto about nothing getting in the way of their appointed rounds. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom," the saying goes. 

But the motto doesn't cover everything. 

Katy Drawbridge lives in Buena Vista, where postal problems persist. 

"Lately, probably within the past two weeks we haven't received anything," she said. "No junk mail, no letters, no anything that we've ordered. We have not received anything." 

It's not weather getting in the way of delivery in Drawbridge's mountain town about two hours southwest of Denver. A USPS spokesperson in Colorado said it's due to staffing shortages. 

"It's very frustrating," Drawbridge said. 

Credit: Katy Drawbridge

USPS spokesperson James Boxrud wrote in an email that Buena Vista's post office is short half their staff. They've got openings for two full-time carriers, four substitute carriers, and three clerks.

The job posting for a carrier said salaries start at $24.42 an hour. 

Boxrud said because these are national jobs, they can't offer any kind of local incentives to hire people in specific areas. 

"We're just a little town but we definitely should get our mail," said Drawbridge. 

For now, the postmaster there is prioritizing medicine deliveries and USPS is sending a few employees from other locations to Buena Vista for two to three weeks. 

"We know we have not met service expectations of the community, and are working hard to restore the respect of the public," said Boxrud. 


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